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Dairy, Deli, Fresh and Frozen Foods that cater to retail, food service, institutiona, convenience and liquor store applications.  Our products include leading leading brand names from local farms and national suppliers. Domestic, National and European style butter and cheese in a wide range of sizes and presentations.  A Specialty ice cream , ranging from regular to super premium, from 3oz to 3 Gallon presentations, dairy and non dairy with over 100 flavors to choose from. Bon Suisse offers both direct store distribution (DSD) with full merchandising and optimization service through its dedicated team of in store merchandisers and schematic developers.  We utilize four distribution centers in CA & AZ, and four satellite branches that allow full and efficient service coverage and high order fulfillment throughout our marketplace.  Each of our branches is staffed with a team of experienced customer support memebers at each of our branches who cater to all our customers' product needs.
Many of our products are also available for export meeting the specific country's labeling or product specification requirements.

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